Butter Motley Corn Snake

This is a triple homozygous cultivar, combining Caramel, Amelanism, and Motley all in the same animal. Results were even more attractive than I had first hoped. The Motley gene infuses a slightly darker hue to the yellow of the Butter and produces some animals that are extremely striking in appearance. 1999 marks the first year that these were available for sale anywhere. As far as I know, very few other breeders will be offereing them for this year. However, you can roll your own, if you want by crossing your own Butters and Motleys together. But bear in mind that if you breed triple heterozygous animals together, the chance of getting a triple homozygous animal is ONLY 1 in 64. Another possibility is perhaps working with single or double heterozygous animals heterozygous for the additional gene(s) needed to complete the triad. This will give you a bit of a shortcut, with the additional bonus of quite a bit of variability in the offspring as well.

The Butter Motleys appear to be a very strong and hardy cultivar. Some of the original Butter lines tended to prefer lizards as starter meals, but this trait has apparently been repressed in the Butter Motleys. Babies thrive and do very well, growing up into outstanding looking animals.

Quantities will again be limited for this year.

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